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What people say...

“Totally forgot to take a photo at airport. Flight was easy. Loved it! Thank you." J. Bartholomew 
What people say...

"Well I made it safely and comfortably to Canada. Thank you so much for that, my family are also very grateful...Travelling home from Canada alone was fine....I am now feeling able to fly comfortably thanks to you. Next flight probably to Belfast.." V. Kinloch.
What people say...

“After the session I felt a lot calmer. On the day we were due to fly I can honestly say I was a different person. I felt much calmer compared to previous times, I even ate breakfast at the airports which I never do. Even when we boarded the plane still calm I sat in the middle with my husband and son on either side. I did hold their hands for take off but still kept calm." A. Gale
Overcoming a fear of flying
Gill worked for many years in the airline industry originally as full time cabin crew, then returning as ground staff and lastly as a senior manager in the cabin crew department. She finally left the industry in 2003 to pursue coaching. With her in-depth knowledge of the airline industry and skills as a coach / psychologist she is uniquely qualified to assist people who have a fear of flying. 

Whilst Gill's main focus now is coaching she is constantly approached by clients asking if she will help them overcome their fear of flying (aviophobia). Due to her love of flying and inside knowledge, it is now the only fear/phobia she specialises in helping people to conquer and offers a range of options to her clients, making it as bespoke as they wish. 

When asked whether everyone she has worked with has overcome their fear of flying she is very honest in answering: "The majority of clients have overcome their fear, many after only one session. To date there are only 2 clients who are still 'work in progress' but who are determined to beat it". 

Gill was the psychologist on the Virgin Flying Without Fear course for several years and initially she will always refer, and recommend, clients look to attend one of the Virgin courses. They offer both a ground course as well as a day course which includes a flight at the end. Having worked with the team she knows how helpful they are and how effective the course is as well as being good value. 

However should a client prefer to work one to one with Gill there are various options to choose from to make it as bespoke as they wish or as finances allow. 

They include:

  • A 2 hour initial session face to face at the facility Gill works from in Weybridge, Surrey.
  • If distance is a problem then an initial session can be held via Skype or FaceTime. 
  • A follow-up session can be held either at Prime Health or at The museum has several aircraft on display and allows clients the chance to get comfortable around aircraft (some types that Gill originally flew on as crew!) as well as the ability to get on and off them and sit in the seats as many times as they like.  
  • The use of the revolutionary FocusBand which enables clients to self-regulate their emotional levels and trains the brain how to quickly achieve a calmer state of mind. 
  • A session on a fully functioning flight simulator as used by airlines in the training of flight crew. 
  • An accompanied flight to a destination of your choice (long or short haul). If you have no preference then Gill tends to suggest Jersey (from Gatwick) as the flight is short, goes over water (so covers off that fear!), tends to be reasonably priced if taking the afternoon flight out and evening flight back. It allows time to leave the airport, have a tea/coffee in a little pub within walking distance and get the next flight home on a different aircraft - covering off the belief that "I can only fly on the aircraft I came out on with that crew!" Many clients have said taking an accompanied return flight has been the most helpful as they feel they have "been somewhere", taken two flights and realise they feel very different about the flight home. 

The fee is dependent on the option/s chosen. 

Alternatively join Gill on one of her small courses held at Brooklands Museum. Please contact Gill to register your interest in joining a future course. 

Whoopi Goldberg

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In April 2009 Gill appeared live on America's ABC programme 'The View'  having been part of the team to cure Whoopi of her fear of flying.

What people say...

“Anyone wanting to overcome fear this is the lady to see." Peter Andre