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Sat 29th July
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What People Thought...

"I've been terrified of flying since I experienced a panic attack on a flight 15 years ago. Attending Gill's 'Fear of Flying' course gave me some invaluable tools to use on my upcoming business trip - she personalised the experience and gave me specific advice to help with me with my particular concerns. Her humorous anecdotes, positive and kind manner and calmness will stay with me (if only we could all have a Gill on our flights with us!). That combines with a session sat in a static aircraft has put me in as good a place as possible for me to face my fears and put my fear behind me. Thank you Gill" C. Darby (Feb 2017)

"It was so funny as driving home past Heathrow an A380 had just taken off and turned straight away over the motorway. Usually I'd have thought oh god, how can it turn so soon, it's massive how is it even in the sky it's going to crash into the motorway! I instead thought, wow, I wonder if they can see me… I was so fascinated and am still gutted that I couldn't watch it go further and I have never felt like that. It helped me so much being at Brooklands, my anxiety is the worst walking up the steps to the aircraft, watching you do it yesterday like it was second nature I felt as if you was just walking us up the stairs to your house!

The course has given me so much assurance that flying is perfectly normal and that I should enjoy it especially the rush of take off. I am so looking forward to my flight now and to try out all the techniques you showed me!  Who knew that the water bottle I squeeze in between my legs on takeoff can actually show me that it's all not as bad as it seems!" L. Cooper (Feb 2017)

"I feel as though the tools are going to help me massively. After the course I wanted to put them to the test so we went into London and did the emirates skyline cable car... I have an awful fear of heights so this was perfect. As it lifted off and I saw how high it was going I felt the adrenaline kick in and felt a panic attack coming on. I began to look for evidence of anything to fear… nope there wasn't any! I also began a few breathing exercises and began to tap under my eye and distract myself by watching the information screen, at the highest part of the skyline I felt my anxiety coming down as I looked across London at all of the lovely buildings and beforeI knew it, actually started to enjoy it!" L. Grant (Feb 2017)