"Beliefs, Bing & Me. The Active Role I Took To Tackle Cancer."

Following her diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, Gill's second book is now available. Price £8.99. Go to Products. 

Through telling her story Gill explains why Bing Crosby and the film White Christmas were so important and why she did or didn’t do certain things. She gives all the tips and techniques she used to tackle cancer" tips and techniques that can be applied by anyone to any diagnosed disease " not just cancer. 

About Gill

Gill is originally from Somerset, but now lives in Weybridge, Surrey. In her early career she travelled the world working for various airlines, including the groundbreaking Laker Airways. On leaving the airline industry she moved to Derbyshire. It was at this point Gill studied for an honours degree in psychology with the Open University. After graduating she worked for a period of time as a psychology lecturer.

In the late 1990’s, having moved to Surrey with her husband and son, Gill returned to the airline industry in an operational senior management position. In 2003 she decided to leave the corporate rat race and work for herself.

Gill gained an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching and so started a new career. She then went on to become a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) having been trained by Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, and an Advanced Thought Field Therapist trained by Dr Roger Callahan.

Gill coaches 1-2-1 with a wide variety of clients who are dedicated to making a change. She can frequently be heard on the radio, seen in the media and has appeared in ITV2′s Peter Andre My Life, on the American ABC TV show The View with Whoopi Goldberg and ITV’s Kyle’s Academy. Gill also writes for newspapers and magazines and has published her book ‘Phobia? Be FREE of it!’ She takes a serious but light hearted look in the book at the effects of phobias as well as giving lots of tips and techniques to help people overcome them.

Following her diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer Gill is happy to speak about, the somewhat unusual approach she took to take some control over her outcome - including the help of characters from the Bing Crosby film White Christmas - of not hating or wanting to kill her cancer. She has published her second book, "Beliefs, Bing & Me. The Active Role I Took to Tackle Cancer". She enables people to understand how taking responsibility for your life, the important role of your beliefs and the potentially negative power of how other people's suggestions impact not only on your overall health but your life as well. 

Peter Andre

In May 2012 Gill appeared on 'Peter Andre My Life' programme. She worked with Pete to help him over come his fear of roller coasters. The outcome has since impacted other areas of his life. 

Whoopi Goldberg

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In April 2009 Gill appeared live on America's ABC programme 'The View'  having been part of the team to cure Whoopi of her fear of flying.