Gill and Janey at work on BEST for 2018!23473133_10155589006875795_358219231768226581_n
What the women say about  BEST...

"Gill and Janey work well together and it is clear they respect each others' work"

"Always good to get a different point of view and understand things from the psychological side"
Online coaching with Janey Holliday
Gill and Janey have known each other for over 10 years and have been working more closely together over the last 6 years or so on Janey's online programmes including: Emotional Eating and BEST. They also co-coach each others' individual clients when their different skills are needed. Their knowledge, experiences and styles compliment each other and are a force to be reckoned with when working together! 

Janey realised, through running her outdoor bootcamp Fit For a Princess and coaching hundreds of women, that women needed much more than just a fitness bootcamp to achieve their goals and the lives they really wanted. She started to develop her online programmes and in 2014 launched what is now becoming her flagship programme BEST , 'an uplifting mindset programme designed to help women take back control of their thoughts and their lives.'  Gill does regular Q & A sessions with Janey on the programme as well as being active on the secret Facebook group. 
What the women say about  BEST...

"Gill is a great balance - a different voice and style, gives weight and a psych/ research/clinical input which helps support the topics and I love the Gill/Janey combo" 

"I can see how well Janey and Gill work together. I often hear Gill in my head saying 'what's the worst thing that could happen' etc."

"Both Janey and Gill are no nonsense but in different ways. I like Gill's methodology and approach based on theory and it combines well with her practical and pragmatic advice. Again both Janey and Gill are there with you, but you are doing it yourself. This is how it needs to be!" 

"Very knowledgeable and excellent delivery/tone when answering questions."