Never Lose Your 'Jiggle!'
I have a lot of clients (and friends) who are some, if not all of these: busy, stressed, suffer from anxiety, rushing here - rushing there, working all hours, dealing with kids, have no time to do anything, fitting in a social life and have lost sight of who they are, who their partner is or more importantly who they were! The result? They are so busy juggling their life they've lost their 'jiggle' in life. 

When was the last time you really had fun, free from the worries of life / what people would think of you / your posts on social media? When did you do something 'spontaneous' or 'silly' like you used to? Who were you before partners / children came along? When I ask people when was the last time you did something 'spontaneously' or 'silly' I often see sadness in their eyes as they think back to who they used to be. Reading between the lines of their answers what I hear is: "I'm so busy juggling everything, that I've forgotten how to 'jiggle' anymore..." The more I observe modern life - via my clients, friends and everything around me - the more I've realised that even having 'fun' seems to have to be scheduled in. 

Couples look at each other, get annoyed, agitated and resentment starts to creep in as the communication between them dwindles and only involves the 'important things',  the practicalities of life. Life is so busy, they simply pass on messages about the kids, work, what's in the diary, they have no time for each other and wonder what happened? Where did the person go that you fell in love with? More importantly before you look at them and blame them ask yourself,  "Where did my 'jiggle' go? And how do I get it back?" 

Start small - think of the little things you used to do that made you laugh or feel good about yourself and start doing them. No if's or buts or what will people think or I'm too old...go jump in a puddle, kick up leaves as you walk, drop in on a friend or family member without texting, sing out loud, be cheeky to someone! 

Go find your 'jiggle' - it's still there right inside you. You never know, by 'jiggling' you might just find the key which unlocks that fun and happiness within you.

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