Focus your Mind! 
I thought it was about time to update my very old and tired website, which I knew would involve being asked lots of questions from my designer about what
did I want? That one simple question covered so many things - design, branding, colour, layout, banners, wording etc…for the website. But ultimately it really
meant me asking myself: What did I want my business to look like going forward?

As I’m a coach it was time to do some “self-coaching” to work out what I wanted my business to look and feel like moving forward. Before contacting Joz, my web
designer, I spent some time answering the coaching questions I normally ask my own clients about their business such as: What energises you? Who are your
ideal clients? What do you love doing? How do you want to work? When do you want to work? How much do you need to earn? What are your goals for the
future? What’s important to you?
Well, if you are reading this then the answers to all these questions are right here for all to see! Welcome to my new website.
P.S. One thing I did discover through the process is that I can now do something I always wanted to do when I was much younger, albeit in a different format,
because back then podcasting didn’t exist. But that’s for another blog!
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