Time for a Change?
Just over a year ago my good friend and co-coach Janey Holliday rang me up to say her parents were planning on moving from Kent to Devon. This in itself
doesn’t mean a lot until you know that Janey and her 3 children lived in the annex on her parent’s property and therefore would also have to move. She
needed to decide if she wanted to move to Devon to be near them or stay in Kent.
Roll on a few weeks and Janey had been down to Devon and fallen in love with Sidmouth. She found a property to rent, before her parents had sold their house,
and in the May half-term moved her and her tribe to Devon, knowing no-one! A year on she is still in Sidmouth (her parents are yet to move) and it is obviously
the best thing she has ever done. She and her children are thriving in every possible way and love it! She never wants to move. She embraced the change
that came at her out of the blue.
Since she made the move there have been a lot of envious comments from people on social media about: “How did she manage it?” “How they would love to
move…change their family situation…have a different lifestyle…” then comes the “but I / we can’t because…” Even I was thinking: “Wow, well done Janey that’s a
brave thing to do”.
Then I realised that we had done something very similar nearly 21 years ago when I was living in Derbyshire. My son was 4 years old, my husband was in a
band and had a number of guitar pupils and I was teaching in a sixth form college. We decided we wanted to change our lives and for us that involved
moving back to the south, to be precise to the area around Weybridge in Surrey. The only people we knew were my sister and her family. The majority of our
friends and family said: we were completely mad, (even reckless) we’d never be able to afford a house in Surrey especially in the height of the property boom.
What were we going to do for work? What about taking our son away from his little friends and starting school?
Well, 21 years on we still pinch ourselves as here we are living in a 4-bed house in Weybridge, our son has graduated university and left home, we’re both self-
employed and loving life. But best of all we’ve decided it’s “time for a change!”…watch out Devon you have a mad, reckless, fun-loving couple
heading your way sometime very soon. If you REALLY want to make a change it’s amazing what you can achieve when
you get all the excuses and fear out of the way.
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