Gill Harvey-Bush
What Gill Does

Gill combines her experience and variety of skills to meet each individual client’s requirements. She has developed her own “GillHB way of coaching” by cherry-picking from a range of models and techniques to help her clients. She works with a range of people who are serious about wanting to make changes in their lives. It is because of her skill in identifying which combination of her techniques is best suited to a client at a particular time that she has such great success

Due to the demand for her ongoing coaching and support Gill works with a small number of clients, who are on a longer contract with her, at any one time.

Gill does still see a limited number of clients who only require 1 or 2  sessions to address a specific issue at  Prime Health in Weybridge, Surrey.

Life Performance Coaching

Elite Sports People

Fear of Flying

Motivational Talks

What people say...

“Meeting you has changed my life. Now I feel strong and very able to deal with every day problems. I didn’t even know what a Life Coach was when I first started!” Jill, Cobham
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Gill was the psychologist on the Virgin Flying Without Fear team from July 2008 until March 2013. She used her skills as a Psychologist,  Master Practitioner of NLP and as an Advanced Thought Field Therapist to help hundreds of people to beat their fear of flying.

Gill says "Although having decided to leave I am no longer part of the team, I still consider the Virgin Flying Without Fear course to be the best 'treatment' that people can receive to overcome their fear and the flight at the end of the day gives them absolute proof they can do it! I would recommend anyone wanting to beat their fear of flying to book on the course. For those that even the thought of a flight stops them booking the team now run ground only courses that prepare you for when you ready to take the next step...on board an aircraft"
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