Gill Harvey-Bush
What People Say
"Gill is an excellent business coach. Having had a successful career in the airline industry she speaks from experience and is able to offer pure coaching as well as a blended approach offering excellent direction and advice. She is flexible in her approach, extremely well organised and professional. I enjoyed working with her and was extremely happy with the output." Tony Howarth, Managing Director, Mazda Motors Ireland.

"I had a series of one on one coaching sessions with Gill in 2014, with specific objectives focused around building a development and career plan for myself, ultimately to help me build a plan with my employers. Gill's support was fantastic: she combines brilliant sharpness with real human sensitivity and utter professionalism. Her grasp of detail, her extraordinary memory and her focus on results makes her easy, but highly rewarding to work with. She pushed me where I needed it, and really helped me interrogate and rebuild my plans, aims and ambitions. After 6 sessions I had built a dramatically more focused career plan; and the final session with my line manager state the process of putting this into action. I would love the opportunity to work with Gill again and would recommend her without hesitation." Mark Tierney, Head of Marketing, BBC Two, BBC Four and Factual.

"Gill has been my coach both personally and professionally for a number of years now. In the time that I have worked with her she has demonstrated the highest level of commitment and professionalism, and on that basis she is someone that I continue to recommend to colleagues as well as friends and family." Daniela Tufo, Brand Building Director, Hair, UK&I Unilever.

"I have known Gill as one of her clients as well as a fellow colleague for over 5 years. So I can vouch for this magnificent lady leading you to success!
Every year I rolled along the M4 to my annual Cardiff job, I would sit there with the same dream and vision of how my work should really be. The sad truth of it all was that it only ever stayed a dream...on the M4. And then I met Gill, who though her unique coaching talents, her knowledge of the real 'work market', her organised and 'no-crap' procedures as well as her extremely professional skills, showed me the route forwards. I started my new way of work 4 years ago and I am having a lot more fun now. There have been unexpected changes and 'Blind Alleyways' to my journey but with the tools Gill has given me I am able to negotiate those changes independently so I can move forward and explore other and bigger roads to move onto. She has saved me a lot of time as well by making me see that being clear about what I wanted out of both my personal and working life, would stop me searching blindly in every direction that I thought may be relevant.
I cannot recommend Gill highly enough as a Life Performance Coach and highly dedicated 'Professional Mentor',"  Gitte Nielsen ( )

"You give peace of mind and clarity of mind so that you realise that you can simply choose and act upon what you want from life. Refreshingly warm and direct, professional and I instinctively felt safe. Enlightening!" V. Allcott. Leatherhead

"I have known Gill for many years and I can personally vouch for her integrity and professionalism at whatever she turns her hand to. She is constantly developing herself and keeping herself up to date with her Continuing Personal Development – in fact she’s always on some blinking course or another! She works with us on the Virgin Atlantic Flying without Fear programme as a therapist. to the many hundreds she has now helped she offers both NLP and TFT. She is also a key speaker on the day of our courses. Flying without Fear has been going since Nov 1997 offering 20 courses per year at 12 different airports. We only use brilliant speakers and talented therapists on our courses and I am pleased to say that Gill fits both categories AND I would not hesitate to recommend her.” Paul Tizzard, Co-Director Flying Without Fear (

"To be a champion you need 2 coaches – one for the body and Gill for your mind.” R. Fenwick, Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion, Woking

"Matthew’s a talented golfer, he’s been captain of the junior squad for a year and plays like a pro, this year he’s suffered with nerves when competing, he just needed to get back on form, which is why I wanted him to see you on Tuesday. Just to let you know after the session he was full of beans and feeling confident, Friday he had his competition where he did really well – the first nine he went under his handicap, the back nine he had a few bad shots but in all played exceptionally well, with his handicap being cut.  He wanted me to email you to say a big thank you, you have made him and us very happy.” Sarah Young

"I went to an appointment with the Diabetic consultant a week before Christmas. She discharged me from hospital care in the care of my GP and I am slowly coming off insulin! I am thrilled and it is all down to you "getting into my head"! I told her about you and she said "whatever that woman is doing to you have more of it!!!!" Karen Greenman, Exeter

"Can't thank you enough Gill - you are a star and you must find your job so rewarding when you get such positive results!!" Anne MacLaren, Inverness, Scotland.

"You have given me confidence in what I do and how I do it. You have helped me refocus and achieve my goals.” S. Hookins, Woodham

"After two sessions with Gillian, I was able to change my negative and very critical attitude towards my body shape to a more healthier and positive one. I not only felt FREE, but for the first time was able to loose weight without much effort. I finally gave my body permission to let go of the negative energy. For that, I am forever grateful to Gillian’s coaching.” I. Mabbutt, Cobham

"When I started talking to Gill I was in one of the most horrible places I had ever been in my life. EVERY part of my life was collapsing around me at the same time with no family or lifelines to grab. After only a few hours with Gill I could focus again, had a new way of thinking, and felt I could actually see a way out of the pit. She has a unique gift.” D. Free, W. Byfleet

"Despite my difficult personal and emotional issue, you handled the session very professionally and managed an outcome which was very worthwhile for me.” S.Patel, Birmingham

"I feel so good. I never been happier in my life. All my friends can see the difference in me…. I`m living a new life and it is so amazing. Thank you so much I couldn`t do it without you. You are amazing!!!” B. Weidner, London

"When I first met Gillian, after a brief discussion, it felt as if she knew what I was going to say and the symptoms I felt. I was feeling bloated, lethargic, very nervous and generally not looking forward in a positive way. Gillian tested me for Individual Energy Toxins in my body. Typically sceptical, I found the testing a bit weird but was feeling so bad that I was determined to give it a go. I strictly avoided the foods that tested negatively and literally within 5 days I started to feel better. As time went on within 6 weeks I felt a lot less nervous, lethargic and bloated. After about 10 weeks I went from 14st6 to 13st and losing weight was not my aim. Thanks to Gillian, I feel physically fantastic now and I’m so much more positive in all my thoughts. I never knew avoiding my Individual Energy Toxins could have such a positive effect on my whole life. Thanks Gillian.” M. Potter, Weybridge

"Since talking to Gill and eliminating individual energy toxins words cannot really describe how different I feel. I had no idea I was feeling bad – except I know I felt tired all the time, no matter how much sleep I had or dog walking I did. I also have a very pressured workload and felt continually stressed. When I met Gill and she assessed my individual toxins I thought that anything was worth a try so I followed her findings – no wheat, dairy, tomatoes, white wine or pork – all of which featured heavily in my diet. After a week I noticed that I was losing weight – 4 lbs in that first week. Then after 4 weeks I met up with work colleagues at a meeting who all asked me what I had been doing as I looked so different – slimmer and calmer. After 6 weeks I have lost a stone in weight and feel like I used to do before I had children or started working for myself. I sleep well, I am not hungry, I have far more energy, my skin looks healthy and I feel great! Apparantly it is really noticeable as I have had so many comments on how much calmer I am, my eyes are sparkling and I have enthusiasm for life. I even feel very calm about facing my fear – claustrophobia in a plane – the reason why I met Gill in the first place.” J. McGrath, Farnham

"I just wanted to say how astounded I was at visiting my mother after I left your house. I sat in the home with my back to the door and I didn’t even think that a cat might come in. I felt totally calm and not worried at all whether a cat would enter the room or not. Today, I have visited again and the cat was wandering around the main living area and my thoughts were “oh, it’s a cat”.  I was not frightened or anxious at all. This evening I went and put the recycling out and a cat was on our driveway – I just walked past it and said “go away”………I can’t thank you enough! I feel as if all my fears and demons have disappeared!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I would highly recommend you to everyone with any phobias!” L. Greaves.

"As the due date of my second child approached I became increasingly worried about how I would cope with the pain of labour. I had found the pain almost unbearable the first time round and the TENS machine I’d used hadn’t seemed to offer any pain relief.My husband suggested TFT, and while I was very sceptical, I was willing to try anything. When I met Gill, she began by explaining how it works and immediately put me at my ease. My scepticism soon vanished, as did my fear. TFT worked very quickly and then Gill showed my husband and I some techniques we could both use during labour.I am now the proud mother of a gorgeous little boy. Labour went beautifully and most importantly, the pain was manageable.Now when I think about this birthing experience I break into a smile, it was fantastic. It took me three years to contemplate childbirth again after my first baby. Now I’d do it again tomorrow!”  D. Rolls Walton-on-Thames

"I was slightly sceptical about how well the tapping would work as last year Fraser had been almost hysterical as we were boarding the plane, saying he didn’t want to go. As the time for our flight got nearer I was able to ask Fraser to tell me how scared he was (on a scale of 1 -10) and doing the tapping cycles the number quickly came down. By the time we were taking off he was fine. This was a complete contrast to last year’s experience. The tapping worked like magic and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who is worried about flying or anything else. Gill is a miracle worker.” L. McAllister, Walton