Gill runs two podcasts: in her first podcast 'GillHB and Friends' she chats to a wide range of people. In 'Heads and Dovetails' she is joined by Jamie Hubbard, for an entertaining and informative podcast...


Performance Coaching


Even those working at the highest level of management need a confidential sounding board who's not afraid to challenge them and help them to explore options and possibilities.





Sports Coaching

Mindset coaching is as important as being coached on the technical side of a sport, if not more so.
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Find out a little about me.


I am originally from Somerset, but having moved in early 2021, during the pandemic, from Weybridge, Surrey I now live in East Devon but travel as required. In 2003 I decided to leave the corporate world and work for myself.

I have an Honours degree in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching. I'm also a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) having been trained by Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. 
I coach 1-2-1 with a wide variety of clients who are dedicated to making change. I've been on the radio, in the media and have appeared in several TV shows:  ITV2's Peter Andre My Life, on the American ABC TV show The View with Whoopi Goldberg and ITV's Kyle's Academy. I'm a published author and in January 2020 ventured into the world of podcasting launching GillHB & Friends and in 2022 launched a second on Heads and Dovetails when I am joined by Jamie Hubbard - available on all major platforms.
Following my diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer I was asked about what i did alongside the medical profession to have a positive impact on my outcome.  I never intended to write a book abut after long email replies and a few people asking if I'd written a book, i published my second book in 2015, "Beliefs, Bing and Me. The Active Role I Took to Tackle Cancer" as a result (no longer in publication). I wanted to help people to understand the important role of their beliefs and the potentially negative power of how other people's suggestions impact not only on your health but your life as well. 

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Executive / Performance Coaching

When you work with Gill she becomes your confidential sounding board, your safe environment to explore options and possibilities.

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Sports Coaching

What makes the difference between an elite sports person who consistently wins and those that never 'quite' make first place or are inconsistent in winning?

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Gill hosts 2 podcasts: 'Gill HB & Friends' where she chats to a wide range of 'friends' on all sorts of subjects and 'Heads and Dovetails' that she co-presents with Jamie Hubbard.  

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H & Dove

On her second podcast, 'Heads & Dovetails' Gill is joined by co-podcaster Jamie Hubbard (aka The Worcestershire Cabinet Maker). In their fortnightly podcasts they chat about a huge variety of things that has caught their attention or that they feel passionate about. 



Some kind words...

"I didn't realise how important the mental game was in professional golf untiI I started seeing Gill. She has made a huge difference in how I approach my mindset both on and off the golf course. I now feel I have the mental tools to face any situation when playing golf ."  - Warren Harmston, Pro Golfer.  
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Some kind words.....

"Gill is far from normal, she is an exceptional person. When she has something to say , it's well worth listening to." - Eamonn Holmes OBE, TV Presenter and Journalist. (excerpt from the Foreword to Gill's book 'Beliefs, Bing and Me'). 

Some kind words...

"Gill is one of the finest professionals in the fields of personal and professional development. She is everything a person needs from a coach, being supportive, insightful, challenging and incredibly intelligent in the way she guides and asks questions so that you start to think and act in more positive ways - if you want to move forward in one or many areas of you life then Gill is the coach to work with."  - Justin Buckthorp, Founder, 360 Health and performance.