Gill Harvey-Bush
What people say...

"Matthew's a talented golfer, he's been captain of the junior squad for a year and plays like a pro, this year he's suffered with nerves when competing, he just needed to get back on form, which is why I wanted him to see you on Tuesday. Just to let you know after the session he was full of beans and feeling confident, Friday he had his competition where he did really well - the first nine he went under his handicap, the back nine he had a few bad shots but in all played exceptionally well, with his handicap being cut. He wanted me to email you to say a big thank you, you have made him and us very happy" Sarah Young

Mindset Coach

If you would like to work with someone who is:

  • Supportive of you in every way but honest in their feedback when asked
  • Warm in their approach even when they are being direct and challenging you
  • Really going to tell you the truth
  • Able to appreciate the funny side of situations and laugh with you
  • Good at combining and integrating the ‘best of the best’ about how we think
  • Adaptable and flexible

then we need to talk! 

Whilst my roots are in psychology, coaching and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) I’ve ‘cherry-picked’, and continue to do so, from all the models, techniques and books I’ve studied, been trained in or read over the years. As a result I’ve developed my own particular style of bespoke coaching.

I would like to work with you if you are:

  • Committed to making changes and prepared to do what it takes to achieve it
  • Held back in life by one or more self-limiting beliefs or fears.
  • On a mission, have an inspiring vision or dream
  • Wanting to make an impact in the world, whether that's in sport, business or your personal life
  • Someone who likes to enjoy life

I work with a limited number of clients so that I can fully support them through our coaching time together.

I also work globally within the corporate world as a coach, trainer and facilitator.

If you'd like to find out whether we are a "fit" for working together call me on 01932 423815 or email me via my Contact page

What people say...

"Gillian thanks to you I have gone and enjoyed the biggest rides and I honestly didn't think I could. Thank you"

'"Honestly if people want help with fear of heights or flying they should come to you. It's extraordinary how I've been able to do this." Peter Andre via Twitter March 2015

What people say...

"It seems making things simple really does work!"   O. Burland. Cricketer. 
What people say...

"To be a champion you need 2 coaches - one for your body and Gill for your mind." Richard Fenwick, Former Muay Thai Kickboxing World Champion.
What people say...

"Great article in The Mail in this morning [17th April 2014] about Liverpool FC success with their "Psychological Guru". I went to see one in 2012/13 & she helped me transform my life. I don't have a chimp, I just have @GillHB shouting positive thoughts!" S. Stuch via Twitter.