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Episode 78 - Have you heard of wool pots? You will soon! 

When wandering around a garden centre have you ever thought about all those plastic pots and what happens to them? Well apart from hiding in someone's shed or being re-used by growers over 500million of them get sent to landfill! They don't degrade and take 400 - 450 years to break down into micro and nano plastics. On the other side farmers are simply burning their sheep's fleeces as there is no viable market for them. Graham Hull had an idea and together with his business partner Tom came up with a sustainable idea. I find out more as I was given them as a gift and absolutely loved them so bought a whole lot more.   


Episode 77 - Would you start a business as you approached your 60's?

“People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it", George Bernard Shaw. Mitty is that person doing it! Meet Mitty who not only decided to start her business 3 years ago in covid but also turned 60 this year! She's built an online and wholesale business, and now has 3 shops opening in St Mawes, Salcombe ad St Ives. I'm eager to discover how it all started, where did she get the idea from and find out what are her great motivators for growing her business - in involves a big kitchen! Mitty knows who she is, how she works best and has learned to do things her way and ignore other people's fears. WARNING: Her enthusiasm, passion for life and all she does is infectious!!

“People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it”

Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw


Episode 76 - I find out from Sarah Franken how accidentally walking into a panel talk resulted in the online magazine 'Lumera'. 

Sarah wasn't that interested in sustainability in university but one day in New York accidentally walked into a discussion panel talking about sustainable fashion. The idea for wanting to highlight brands within the fashion industry that were sustainable grew into the launch of 'Lumera'. She tells her story of how the magazine came about and the challenges involved. We discuss what is meant by sustainable fashion and how do you define sustainable? How do you change people's mindsets when the less expense, large brands marketing strategies are to target the younger generation?  IG @lumeramag


Episode 75 - As an entrepreneur Holly Kelsey took a 'family dream' and turned it into a business. 

I don't know many entrepreneurs, let alone someone of Holly's age, who does literally everything in their new business - from building the website, to making the bespoke items to taking the photographs of her products. She explains how rêvedesalpes came about from an idea / dream her Mum and Aunt had many years ago. On gaining her Masters and realising she didn't want to remain in marketing she picked up the idea and started the business. One key core value of her business is sustainability and reducing the business's carbon footprint as much as possible. 


Episode 74 - I chat to Clare Freeman and Catherine Wrench about their planet friendly business. 

Clare and Catherine had been running an after school club together for many years before deciding it was time to do something new. I find out what it takes to start an environmentally friendly business, how do you decide how much to stock, how they find their customers and that they test all the products themselves to ensure they work and really are environmentally friendly. We chat about everything from green bleach to ragbags (remember them? and yes I still have one) to terry nappies.


Episode 73 - Katrina Gelderbloem chats about family life with 3 children - Clayton has non verbal autism and sensory processing needs

How would you cope for 13+ yrs on 4 hours sleep a night whilst raising a family of 3 children, one of whom has non verbal autism plus additional sensory processing needs? Katrina shares her very practical approach to a contented family life and the challenges they have had to face with Clayton, now 16yrs old, along the way. Not only does she home school Clayton, but she writes books, designs and sell merchandise, grows their own food, baking, crochet, active social media posts...the list goes on! IG @buildingafoodforest_Scotland     


Episode 72 - Serena Scroggins tells me her story of having breast implant illness.

Have you heard of breast implant illness? Serena hadn't and put her symptoms of not feeling 'quite right' then 'very ill' down to the peri-menopause. She went for tests and was told all was well until she came across an article and realised that she had breast implant illness. She is one of thousands of woman suffering. She shares the hurdles she has overcome to have 'explant' surgery and reflects back on why she had implants originally and what she has learnt about herself as a result. IG @adeliciousnewyou


Episode 71 - Andy Perry from Urban Herbs went from selling herbs to pay for his tuition fees to running a company. 

As a means of paying his tuition fees for his horticulture course Andy started selling herbs at farmer's markets. Little did he know that it would lead to him not finishing the course but running his own company and writing a book as well as starting a new experiment. Andy's story shows how we never know where a decision will take us, how to overcome the ups and downs and for every negative comment there is an encouraging one. IG: @andygrowsherbs @urbanherbsuk

JennyKovacs 5 Gardens 2

Episode 70 - Jenny Kovacs, The 'Queen of Being Seen' explains how her mindset has been key to her success. 

Jenny left corporate life to a start a new business and a family. She shares how her mindset helped her navigate her way through the tragedy of loosing her twins at 18 weeks, how getting the right support at the right time was crucial and how that experience taught her resilience. She has evolved her business over the years into being 'The Queen of Being Seen' a visibility expert that helps others.  IG @thequeenofbeingseen

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Episode 69 - Alex Manos talks about the research behind what actually makes coffee healthy. (Part 2 of 2 Podcasts)

Following on from the previous podcast I chat to Alex Manos, also from Exhale coffee, to find out all about the 'science bit' behind coffee. I learn a lot about chlorogenic acid which is a polyphenol. I have no idea what are they and exactly what is so important about them as well as a lot of other things I've never heard of! Alex explains how they impact on our health and debunks several myths around coffee.


Episode 68 - Alex Higham is the Founder of Exhale Coffee -  'ridiculously healthy coffee'. (Part 1 of 2 Podcasts) 

If you're a coffee lover then this episode is for you. Having experienced his own health issues Alex, previously an accountant, wanted to find out more about what makes coffee healthy. Not only did he find out but then started his own company just as lockdown began! Gill wants to know more about his coffee passion, what EXACTLY is meant by a healthy coffee and how he and his wife launched, and grown their company with the help of Instagram! IG @yourexhale 


Episode 67 - Sarah shares her approach to working with teams and leaders in the luxury goods sector. 

Gill was assisting on a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course when she met Sarah who was an attendee and discovered they both lived in the same town. From leading a sales team Sarah has now become a self-employed consultant who works with leaders and teams in the luxury goods market. She and Gill discuss the reasons it's important to have a cohesive team and what it takes to be a good leader. Find her on IG @fabulousityforce 


Episode 66 - Kylee Milner was a teacher in Yorkshire and now she is a jewellery designer / maker in France. 

Continuing on the French theme Gill chats to former Yorkshire language teacher Kylee Milner who now designs and makes jewellery. As Kylee says, if someone had told her back in her teaching days that she would be living in France working with 'energy' to design and make jewellery she would have laughed! Kylee tells Gill her back story as to how she and her husband came to change their whole lives.


Episode 65 - Zoe Davis and her family moved to France to become farmers. 

Farming is hard enough when you speak the language let alone buying one in France! Gill finds out from Zoe the reason she and her husband decided to buy a farm in France when neither of them really spoke French. What have been the challenges and the rewards they have faced running the farm alongside raising a family? And how does Zoe find time to do so much more like be a celebrant and write! IG @madcowlife


Episode 64 - Gill chats to Tony Broadbent about how and why he became a coach. 

Tony has had a varied career from training to be a stunt man to running several businesses and now a coach. He's been wealthy and in huge debt. He explains to Gill how he now has the life that really makes him happy and why the thinks 'having stuff' is the booby prize in life. They chat about: the impact that worrying about what people think has on your life, how you can change thoughts and beliefs and much more!


Episode 63 - Ele King is a sports massage therapist and explains the difference between the types of massage. 

Ele didn't set out to be a sports massage therapist when she left university. She explains how she came to be interested and train in massaging. She then went onto specialise in deep tissue and sport massage. Gill and Ele chat about what people can expect when they go for a massage and what questions to ask before they book in to make sure they get the massage they are expecting.


Episode 62 - Gill chats to Rob Goldrup about being part of a team that works with a golfer on tour.

 A lot of work goes into being at the top of your sport with a team of people to support you. Rob is a physical performance coach who works with some of the top golfers. He shares what his role involves, how he supports a golfer on tour and the importance of the dynamics of the team. Gill and Rob talk about how everyday stress tends to creep up on you and how important it is to recognise it, not only with the person you are working with but within yourself. Instagram: @robgprogolfenhance 


Episode 61 - Redundancy gave Martyn Spendlove the chance to start his own company. 

When Martyn was made redundant he didn't sit back and wait for the money to run out but took the opportunity to do what he wanted and start his own training and development company. Gill chats to Martyn about being a rebel and what that looks like in a company. She also finds out that Martyn has taken being a rebel a step further, following a childhood dream to become an actor.


Episode 60 - Kendall Platt worked as a forensic scientist but now runs a 'mindful gardening' business.

Kendall worked hard to become a forensic scientist and initially enjoyed her work so what lead her to start her own business? She now runs her own business and workshops helping people to appreciate the joy that gardening can bring and how to do it mindfully. Gill wants to know how she managed to transition into being a 'horticultural therapist' and what they means. 


Episode 59 - Gill finds out from Louise Cooper what made her change her life and move to Wales. 

Louise is London / Essex born and bred. She worked in London but was suffering from stress and crippling anxiety. She chats openly to Gill about what life was like, how lockdown and a supportive boss actually helped her and her partner, now husband, make some serious changes. Her mental health improved enormously when she stopped doing what she thought she 'should' do and followed her own path. She is now loving life having moved to Wales, got a dog and started to grow their own food!   

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Episode 58 - Gill chats to Julie Peasgood about acting and how her career has evolved into many different things.

Julie's love of dancing lead her from her home town in Grimsby to study in London. As a result of an injury she then concentrated more on the acting side of her course and discovered she loved it. She has appeared on stage and in programmes like Brookside and Emmerdale. Over the years her career has evolved to include being a: TV presenter, voice over artist, author, magazine columnist, crafter and designer of sex toys!

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Episode 57 - CEO John McLaughlin talks about his book: The Fastest Way to the Top and How to Stay There.

John is the CEO and Founder of CoGent Executive who are leaders in transitional management and work with companies in a very different way to help them get the tangible results they want. With 30 years of corporate experience and being asked the same questions again and again he decided it was quicker to write a book for people to read.


Episode 56 - Jamie Hubbard tells his story of how he came to be 'The Worcestershire Cabinet Maker'.

Jamie left school with a CSE Grade 1 in woodwork and went out to work. He tells Gill his story of how he became a highly skilled, self employed craftsman running his own business. Not only does he make cabinets but everything from church fonts and crocodiles to briquettes from the sawdust off his workshop floor - one of his most watched videos on YouTube! Jamie explains why he doesn't have a website but how he's using social media as part of his long term retirement plan. Instagram: @jam.73e 


Episode 55 - Dora Toma talks to Gill about all things to do with fertility. 

Gill first met Dora when she came to her as a client, unhappy in her sales role and and wanting to explore possible options. Her passion was in nutrition, health and wellbeing and she knew she wanted to help people but wasn't entirely what to do. Roll forward a few years and after a miscarriage Dora knew exactly what she wanted to specialise in, she is now a fertility coach helping and educating women about their own fertility journey.


Episode 54 - Gill chats to Tessa Cobley all about plant pests and how to control them organically. 

Tessa knew nothing about plant pests when after having twins she decided she needed a different career and bought an organic / biological pest control business. She applied her existing skill set to the new business. Gill finds out what a nematode is, how to get rid of those pesky little flies on her indoor plants  and that there is a lot you can do in the autumn / early spring to control any pest infestation before you even think of planting your veg or flowers!

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Episode 53 - Alex Manos is a health and wellness expert and a functional medicine practitioner. 

Gill and Alex explore the various connections between a person's gut health, mental health and taking the role of personal responsibility. Alex shares a lot of information, research and personal experience of working with clients in this area. They also discuss the research and use of 'psychedelics / magic mushrooms' (illegal in the UK) used in various places around the world as a controlled therapy.

Pete E

Episode 52 - Gill finds out how a broken ceramic bowl resulted in Pete Earle selling ceramic fish. 

Pete explains how trying to replace a broken bowl ended up with him and his wife Di starting a new business selling ceramic fish, bought from Sicily, alongside their current careers. Gill and Pete chat about the challenges of starting a new business as well as the benefits and how it is possible to change careers mid-life especially when you develop a 'portfolio' career mindset in today's world.


Episode 51 - Roger Greenaway, songwriter and singer of many global hits in the 60's and 70's chats to Gill.

Gill chats to songwriting royalty, Roger Greenaway (of Cook and Greenaway fame) about how he became a singer and songwriter of so many global hits in the 60's and 70's. Writing hits for The Drifters, Blue Mink, The Fortunes, to name a few and for adverts including the Coca-Cola ad that became the huge hit "I'd like to teach the world to sing". He's been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and awarded the OBE. Roger explains how the music industry was very different then to today. 


Episode 50 - Lucy Hutchings Hunt discusses with Gill what is acceptable in the media and what is bullying in disguise. 

Lucy felt she had to speak out on LinkedIn about the unacceptable behaviour of journalists after reading an article in a popular newspaper. Gill and Lucy discuss what has become acceptable and normalised both in the way things are reported and the way in which people react to it. Is it bullying or is this the modern form of a base human instinct we need to satisfy? 


Episode 49 - How Sheila Saunders only ever wanting to be a Mum lead to adopting 3 children and a new career. 

Sheila grew up in a large family and only every wanted to be a Mum unfortunately, for some undiagnosed reason, she and her husband were unable to have children.  Sheila talks openly about the dark times she experienced emotionally before embarking on the adoption process to become a Mum of 3. And how that personal journey also lead to her training as counsellor specialising in bereavement for a while before setting up her own practice in Orpington, Kent. 


Episode 48 - Katie Manos finally made the decision to start her own business in lockdown!

Katie admits she seems to like to do things the hard way! She had always wondered about running her own business but never believed it was possible.  Like many people along came covid and redundancy which gave her the push to think more seriously about it and take the leap. Having taken the leap she then discovered that she pregnant. Gill finds out the challenges she faced growing a new business and having a new baby!


Episode 47- Sam Balshaw is a 'foodie' and also known on social media as Hungrywomancooks.

Gill chats to Sam about how she has time to prepare and cook a different meal everyday on social media especially as she has a very different full time job! They work out, whilst chatting, how the skills and discipline needed for Sam's career is actually very much part of her cooking and who she is. Plenty of laughs in this podcast but how did they go from chatting about cooking to having a wee?! Instagram @hungrywomancooks.


Episode 46 - Catching up with Zoe Lane 18 months on from having major health issues. 

Gill first chatted to Zoe Lane in episode 2 about how as a result of a major health issue she was told she needed a stoma permanently and how she coped with it. Later she was told it could possibly be reversed and it was. Zoe, 18 months on, talks about how she went from surviving to thriving both in her personal life and career. 

swim head shot Maggy

Episode 45 - Chatting to Maggie Blagrove about wild water swimming, the benefits to mental health and woolly hats! 

Maggie had been an open water or wild swimmer before she was made redundant. Realising the benefits of being in cold water and out in nature she wanted other people to be able to share a similar experience, particularly marginalised communities. Hence her idea of building an inclusive and outdoor community became a reality when she started


Episode 44 - Gill is joined by Janey Holliday her good friend and co-coach 

 With the addiction to our phones and social media usage on the increase and small business owners chasing 'the pot of gold at the end of the algorithm rainbow' Gill and Janey decided enough was enough! They're launching a new project called 'The Escape Route' looking at different ways to live your life and run your business enabling you to take back control. They will be exploring all aspects of modern technology both positive and negative on people's lives.


Episode 43 - Gill chats to naturopath and nutritionist Dawn Rolls. 

Dawn had always been interested in alternative medicine with her Mum being a homeopath. At the age of 40 she decided to completely change careers and become a naturopath and nutritionist. It took 4 years of juggling her studies alongside working and looking after her young family. Gill finds out exactly what a naturopath is and what type of client Dawn helps.


Episode 42 - Talking to Chris Tibbetts about his lifetime battle with a food addiction. 

Following a sudden change in his family when he was younger Chris developed an emotional relationship with food which nearly killed him. He talks openly about his life and the challenges he has faced to overcome his addiction to food and be in recovery. He realised that as an addict diets were not the solution so he had to make some big decisions and choices about his life. He now helps others with their addiction.


Episode 41 - Chatting to Anna Logue owner of clothes brand Vivaansie. 

Busy Mum of 3 and business owner, Anna Logue shares how she came to start her online clothing business. Having previously been an estate agent she had no formal business training, experience in retail or creative type of qualification. She talks of the benefits of running her own business but also the challenges she faced and had to overcome which nearly made her gave up.


Episode 40 - Gill finds out from Bhavik Patel what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneur and podcast host of 'Bigger than the Hustle' Bhavik was working in the corporate world when he decided to set up his own business with a friend. Several businesses later he realised that although he had the trappings of wealth it was just the 'veneer of a good life' and he could't do it anymore. Gill finds out what happened next and how he rebuilt his life 'one cell at a time'. Instagram @bhavikp.limitless 

PB010704 (2)

Episode 39 - Gill chats to Bethan Winn about her move to Perth, Australia and 'critical thinking'.

Bethan was living and working as a teacher in London when she and her partner (now husband) thought 'there has to be more to life than this!'. A move to Perth, Australia followed and after having her 2 children, Bethan is now running her own critical thinking training business. Gill finds out exactly what is 'critical thinking', how does she promote her business and 'the Repair Lab' which Bethan also started in her local area.

Chris Murphy_The Speaking Mentor

Episode 38 - Gill talks to The Speaking Mentor Chris Murphy. 

When Gill first met Chris he was living in London and running a physiotherapy training company but roll forward a few years and he is now living in Kent and is The Speaking Mentor. Gill wants to know what exactly is a Speaking Mentor as she digs deeper to find out what happened to make Chris have such a big change in his life and career.


Episode 37 - Gill talks to Ros Ball author of The Gender Agenda.

Having worked in various roles for the BBC and having had two children Ros Ball wrote, The Gender Agenda. Gill finds out what was the motivation behind it and how it came to be published. She discovers that two of Ros's passions are: equality, especially for women, as well as gardening. Ros is also in the process of writing and crowd funding the publication of her next book  'Women Who Won'. If you would like to help Ros in her crowd funding go to


Episode 36 - Gill talks to natural movement coach Wendy Welpton

Gill talks to Wendy about her mental and physical journey from being addicted to running, living with chronic pain to being able to move naturally. Wendy was in her early 40's and a busy Mum of 3 boys when she sustained an injury to her back that halted her in her tracks. She shares how she was determined not to give up finding a solution and, in the process found a new career as a natural movement coach.  Photo  courtesy of: @pirhanaphotography

Stefan Buczacki

Episode 35 - Gill chats to Stefan Buczacki about how he became a gardening expert and prolific writer. 

Gill finds out what lead Stefan to leave a career in research to become an expert on Gardener's Question Time and a writer of over 60 books. They chat about: gardening, being a writer, his love of mycology (fungi and mushrooms), their joint dislike of 'cosmetic horticulture' and Stefan's recent venture into writing his first novel, 'The Marmalade Pot'.


Episode 34 - In this episode Gill talks to grief coach Maryline Favreliere.

What is it about grief that makes it so hard for us to talk about it? Gill finds out from Maryline what type of situations and circumstances, that are often dismissed or ignored, can cause us to grieve. Maryline shares her own story and explains how unresolved grief, that we are often unaware of, can cause problems later in life and needs to be dealt with. She shares ways in which we can find our way through the grieving process and also help / support others to face their own grief. 

Paul T 4

Episode 33 - Gill catches up with her friend Paul Tizzard - The Fear of Flying coach. 

Gill and Paul were both cabin crew in their previous roles but with different airlines and met some years later.  Gill finds out what motivated Paul to set up the Virgin course many years ago to help people overcome their fear of flying. He decided to stop but now, a few years later, is offering smaller more bespoke designed courses. Gill discovers what changed his mind and how he came to develop his new approach as the Fear of Flying Coach.


Episode 32 - Gill chats to Jessica Florence May a young professional performer who graduated during 2020.  

Having faced personal challenges to even get to achieve her dream of becoming a performer Jessica then had to face graduating during 2020 and all that it meant. Her final performance before graduation which would have served as a show reel, as well letting any potential agents come and watch, was cancelled. Her new industry was closed with no chance of work. Jess tells her story of the highs and lows and what it's taken to keep pushing forward.  

Eamonn Holmes11233CB

Episode 31 - Gill chats to TV presenter, journalist and broadcaster Eamonn Holmes. 

Back at the end of 2019 Gill, her husband Clive and Eamonn were out for a walk with his dog Maggie. The conversation lead, amongst other things, to single use plastic, the state of the planet and what would need to happen to change it. Little did they know what was to happen. This episode is a continuation of that conversation, what they have discovered about themselves through 2020, the important role pets play in their lives and the memories it has brought back from their childhood. 


Episode 30 - Gill looks back on 2020 and forward to 2021 with her good friend and co-coach Janey Holliday. 

Gill and Janey chat about what the arrival and impact of Covid meant for them both personally and professionally through 2020. They share how they maintained a good mindset throughout, using their skills to remain positive and be in a good position to help others. With the approach of 2021 they chat about how they are preparing for the year, not only with setting new 'directions', but also ensuring their coping strategies are still the right ones. 


Episode 29 - Gill chats to Harriet Campina about the pros and cons of living in the Algarve. 

Little did Harriet know how much a girl's weekend away in the Algarve would change her whole life. Harriet was living in London, divorced and with a young daughter when she and some friends went away for a break. She met and fell in love with Miguel. Gill finds out about the pros and cons of marrying and living in the Algarve for over 10 years with a young family, as well as helping Miguel build  "Maria's" into a successful restaurant. Instagram @Marias_algarve 


Episode 28 - Gill talks to friend Sally Nye about her new seed initiative Cultivating Change.

Sally used to be a geography teacher until a series of back operations meant she had to give up teaching. She lost her purpose in life and struggled both physically and mentally until she joined BEST, an online coaching programme for women and met Gill. Through a series of events and, still wanting to help people, she has created Cultivating Change, a new seed donation initiative to bring people together through growing their own veg.

GT looks stage left

Episode 27 - Gill chats to musician Graeme Taylor about being in a band spanning 40 years and all the years in between!

Graeme first picked up a guitar at 11 and taught himself how to play. He only ever wanted to play music and so did exactly that! He joined Gryphon 40 years ago and they have just released their latest album. Gill wants to know what else happened in those intervening years and how Graeme came to set up and run his own recording studio - Morden Shoals. 


Episode 26 - What has happened to Honor's gite business in the south of France since Gill chatted to her in January?

Honor was Gill's very first podcast guest in January and they chatted all about her thriving gite business in the South of France. Covid and lockdown meant no guests. Gill finds out what Honor did, how she has survived and developed a whole new business. They also chat about how Honor has taken up the baton on being an 'authentic' mature woman on social media.


Episode 25 - Gill finds out about the traits and behaviours of a narcissist from divorce coach Janet Henson. 

When she was going through her divorce Janet was looking for support from someone objective to help her understand what was happening and navigate her way through. She realised that she had been in a co-dependent relationship with a narcissist and learnt how to understand and deal with the behaviours through her divorce. Janet explains the traits of a narcissist and the reason people become co-dependent in the relationship, having believed things were their fault.

IRINA CHILDS-226_resized_20201013_120128209

Episode 24 - Gill talks to poet Irina Childs and discovers how she finally followed her passion. 

Irina grew up in Romania with a mixture of logical and creative thinkers surrounding her. Writing poetry was the one constant through her life - from childhood to a career in the corporate world. A chance meeting lead her to publish her first poetry book and eventually take the decision to follow her passions as an author, leader and educator.

Sophie Black_Elly Lucas

Episode 23 - Gill finds out from Sophie Black what inspired her to become a film maker and director. 


Sophie Black grew up in a small town in Derbyshire but that didn't stop her from wanting to become a film maker and director. Gill finds out what inspired Sophie at a young age to want to make films and how she is now, not only building a film career, but helping to forge a film industry outside of London.  Gill also asks Sophie about the challenges she has faced being female. 

Me with hand out

Episode 22 - Gill chats to Helen Perry about what she did to 'unstick' her career to find a new one on Instagram. 

Helen's a former journalist who was searching for 'what next' after a career break. She discovered the answer was staring her in the face, creating social media content. It brings together all the things she loves, writing, taking photos, videos and ultimately starting a conversation. She now helps others to grow an 'engaged' online community that supports them and their business. 


Episode 21 - Gill finds out what lead Joel Gage to start his own charity. 

How many people go on holiday to a Greek island and are so moved by what they see they feel they have to do something? Gill chats to Joel who did go on holiday to a small Greek island back in 2015 and witnessed first hand the plight of not only the refugees arriving but also that of the people who lived on the island. The result of that holiday ended up with the charity being created. 

Back door shoes

Episode 20 - but episode 8 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

In the final episode of her mini series Gill talks to Stephen Avery from Backdoorshoes. She finds out  where the idea came from to make the shoes and how they have grown the business organically over the years. This year has presented it's own challenges of dealing with the changes Covid19 has brought to events being cancelled. As a family business Stephen is passionate about building and maintaining that personal feel with their customers.


Episode 19 - but episode 7 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

Gill talks to amateur fruit and veg grower Joe Harrison about what lead him to take on an allotment. Joe talks about his memories as a child and how he is hoping to make similar memories for his 3 young children that will give them a love of growing their own when they are older. He's not only into growing his own food but into recycling as much as he can from his home. Nothing gets thrown away without thinking how it could be used on his allotment - from an old wooden spoon to food containers.


Episode 18 - but episode 6 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

Gill chats to Rich Pennock from Haws Watering Cans, a family business who care about the work they do as a company to minimise their impact on the environment. Gill finds out about how they make their watering cans and also all the things you need to consider before buying one. Rich talks about Haws involvement with the charity 'Treesisters' and being members of 1% for the planet. Follow on socisl media @hawswateringcans


Episode 17 - but episode 5 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

Gardens are full of plants and flowers as well as fruit and veg. In this episode Gill talks to Amanda Haines a horticulturist, who used to be an adult edcuation teacher for students with a mental disability. Amanda shares her story about the changes and benefits she witnessed in her students from gardening as well as how she went about redesigning her current 'beach' garden, which was only shingle when she moved in.

Half Brite spade_Greenmans

Episode 16 - but episode 4 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

Ever thought about the amount of attention to detail and work that goes into making the perfect garden tool? Gill finds out by talking to Adam Greenman whose passion for designing and making 'just the right tool' started when he found his grand father's old garden tools in the shed. The enthusiasm for what Adam does and his ongoing desire to help gardeners both young and old is clear as he talks about it.  Follow on Instagram @greenmangardentools or


Episode 15 - but episode 3 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

In this episode Gill chats to two experienced 'grow your own' gardeners. Martina Holgersson, who describes herself as nearly self sufficient on the veg and berries she grows for her family and Kim Hedges who has a number of raised beds in her garden. Gill finds out what sparked their interest originally in gardening and what benefits they each get from being out in the garden and growing their own food and flowers. You can find both Martina and Kim on Instagram: @simplygrowfood and @kimbearly28growveg


Episode 14 - but episode 2 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series. 

Gill talks to amateur beekeeper Graham Jones about how he came to keep bees at the end of his garden. She learns about the importance of the bee 'waggle dance' and the Queen bee. She discovers bees have different roles to perform according to whether they are a male (drone) or female (worker) bee. Gill also finds out how gardeners, by thinking about what they plant, can help the bees from early on in the year to extending their feeding season. 


Episode 13 - is the start of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series. 

In this first episode Gill tells the story behind the redesign of their garden last year to start growing their own fruit and vegetables again and where her love of gardening started. She chats to Rachel Mayor a 'newbie' allotment grower about how 'covid lockdown' helped her and her husband fall in love with their previously ignored allotment. Gill also takes a look at the research and benefits to being out in nature and growing your own. To follow Rachel's growing journey she can be found on Instagram @rach_mayor


Episode 12 - Gill chats to musician and songwriter Clive Harvey, who also happens to be her husband! 

Interviewing your husband can be tricky, but in this episode Gill chats to Clive all about his songwriting and how he changed careers to become a full time musician. She finally discovers how his brain works and where he gets those random ideas from to write his comedy songs as well as his more serious ones.  Clive chats about the different bands and types of music he has been invovled in as well as his love of 'rock 'n roll'. Find Clive on Instagram @cmharvey5625

The Corset  Chair (Back #1) - Sarah Louise Dix

Episode 11 - Gill talks to Sarah Dix, upholsterer and creator of the corset chair. 

Sarah tells her story of how she went from studying fashion to working in the music industry, doing PR for the likes of Vivienne Westwood, working at the BBC to finally running her own business combining her two passions - fashion and upholstery. Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahlouisedixupholsterycentre


Episode 10 - Gill chats to her good friend, talented artist and musician Derek Pearce. 

As a follow up to the previous podcast with Elsa, Gill chats to Derek about where he gets his ideas from, Einstein, how dyslexia saved his life, the education system and the positives to having a 'butterfly brain'  amongst other things! Follow Derek on Instagram @derek_pearce_original 


Episode 9 - Gill discusses with fellow coach Elsa Dale if today's education system fit for purpose. 

Gill chats to Elsa Dale, ex-teacher and now coach, on the suitability of the current school and education system for world today versus alternative schooling. The podcast was prompted by an article Gill had read in the British Psychology magazine. Having shared it with others it had brought many comments from parents whose children struggled to fit the traditional way of teaching. Elsa's website is currently being revamped to contact her email:



Episode 8 - Gill catches up with Neil Mundell-Phipps about what led him to leave corporate life to set up his own learning and development company. 

Gill discovers what led Neil to leave corporate life to start his own training and consultancy business Improview Ltd. His approach to working with companies worldwide and the importance of evolving. They touch on the possible impact that the current Corona virus situation will have on companies and employees both in the short, as they return to normal working and long term. 


Episode 7 - Gill talks to Helen Golstein about her different approach to helping 'chronic dieters' compassionately. 

Helen has taken a very different approach to helping people who have dieted all their life. She looks behind the standard 'diet club' mentality and the vicious circle dieters find themselves. In learning to have compassion for ourselves and nourish ourselves with kindness the need to emotionally eat is reduced. Follow Helen on Instagram @the_self_compassion_coach_ or contact her via her website


Episode 6 - Gill is joined by her good friend and co-coach Janey Holliday to chat about Covid-19.

Gill and Janey talk openly about what they are seeing from both a personal and professional view-point in terms of the very different impact Covid-19 is having on people. Janey is a single Mum of 3 children and runs her own online business working with women. She shares what she has done to ride the 'emotional waves' of dealing with the situation so far.   




Episode 5 - Gill chats with Claire Melvin about what she's learnt about making plans that don't quite work out. 

Like many people Claire had some plans for herself and her future, some might call them goals or visions to work towards. Gill finds out what happened when Claire's plans didn't actually work out for many reasons. What did Claire learn from the experience and does she still plan for the future? Follow Claire on Instagram @clairermelvin


Episode 4 - Gill chats with Frank Sinclair (FitwithFrank) about Fitness Trackers. 

Gill is joined by her friend Frank Sinclair who runs an online fitness bootcamp FitwithFrank to discuss the pros and cons of people wearing Fitness Trackers. Have fitness trackers taken over from the obsession of getting on and off the scales but are in danger of having the same negative impact on how we feel?  Follow Frank on social media it's simply FitwithFrank on all platforms. 


Episode 3 - Gill talks to Grainne Sherry a Mum of 2 boys with Special Educational Needs

Gill talks to Grainne about what life has been like since she discovered her first son had Special Educational Needs and then her second son was also diagnosed but with different SEN needs. Grainne shares her experiences, as well as give some practical tips, of how she went about getting the help she needed and how she coped personally. Grainne has started to to write a book to help other parents navigate their way through if their child has SEN. Follow Grainne on Instgram @sen_doula 


Episode 2 - Gill chats to Zoe Lane about going from healthy to coping with 'Mavis the Mass' and 'Sydney the Stoma'.

Zoe is a young nurse who whilst on holiday discovers she has a problem going to the toilet. After returning home she learns that she has a large mass near her bowel and needs a big operation. She is told she will have a permanent stoma. She is very honest about the highs and lows of dealing with it, particularly as a young single woman. Having got used to the idea there is another 'plot twist' to come!


Episode 1 - Gill chats to Honor Marks about running a gite business in France. 

Gill finds out what made Honor (in the photo) leave a corporate job in London to move to France and set up gites business - Maison de la From cleaning showers to exploring the local area Honor lets us into the highs and lows of an english woman with 'schoolgirl french', a teenage daughter and Bob the 'ambassadog' running a business in France. Honor's Instagram @maisondelaroche Website: 

GillHB pod

Episode 000 - An introduction to GHB & Friends

Gill explains what you can expect when listening to her podcasts and her reason for starting them.