What people say...

"To be a champion you need 2 coaches - one for your body and Gill for your mind." Richard Fenwick, Former Muay Thai Kickboxing World Champion.
What people say...

"The work I have done on my mental approach towards tournaments with Gill has been invaluable. It's so reassuring to have someone to talk things through before a match if I'm feeling nervous or uneasy. I'm confident I can achieve all my goals with the help of Gill. Highly recommend her to any athletes out there looking to take their game to the next level." Luke Pearce, Badminton Player

Sports Coaching

What makes a champion?

Have you ever watched a sports person and known, just by looking at them, that they are going to lose? That they have given up.

What makes the difference between an elite sports person who consistently wins and those that either never ‘quite’ make first place or who are inconsistent in winning?

The answer is that those who win consistently really understand themselves and have gained insights into how they interact in the world. These insights help them to fully believe in their ability. They are then able to stay in the 'now' during the competition. Sports people will often describe it as being 'in the zone'. 

Gill enables her clients to know exactly when they are 'in the zone' by using a new piece of technology, the Focus Band, which gives them immediate neural feedback. The benefit of this feedback is that it helps you to get into the 'now' rather than focussing on a future outcome i.e. missing the cut in golf, loosing the frame in snooker or a set in tennis. By the brain working in the correct frequency the process then becomes the brain 'allowing' things to happen rather than 'trying' to make things happen. 

Gill works with her sports clients to rid them of self limiting beliefs, helps them to think in a completely different way about things by taking the "inside - out" approach to everything rather than the other way round. With the addition of the Focus Band it helps to identify the process being used by each athlete to get into the zone. Once this process has been identified the brain can then be trained to use it automatically - even when put under pressure - changing the result/outcome and ultimately changing their belief. 

What people say...

"Matthew's a talented golfer, he's been captain of the junior squad for a year and plays like a pro, this year he's suffered with nerves when competing, he just needed to get back on form, which is why I wanted him to see you on Tuesday. Just to let you know after the session he was full of beans and feeling confident, Friday he had his competition where he did really well - the first nine he went under his handicap, the back nine he had a few bad shots but in all played exceptionally well, with his handicap being cut. He wanted me to email you to say a big thank you, you have made him and us very happy" Sarah Young
What people say...

"It seems making things simple really does work!"   Ollie Burland. Cricketer.