Press Pause...
At the start of a New Year, in this case 2019, many people reflect on the year just gone and make New Year's resolutions, set new goals or targets to enrich their lives in some way. As a self employed person the Christmas holidays gives me a natural time to pause my work, get out of the saddle and simply observe my life.  After the Christmas festivities there is a period before returning to work in the New Year that gives me the time to simply think about: what drains me? what energises me? what do I want next, both in my work and in my life? before I climb back into the saddle and continue on my journey. 

Do I consider the things I decide to do or change as New Year resolutions or goals? No, it just happens to coincide with this time of year because of the natural break in my work schedule. I will also often pause again later in the year and do a review. However, having said that, if I do change anything that is likely to affect my clients then January 1st is the time that I do it, mainly because other people have an expectation of any changes being made in January as they return to work e.g. train fares going up! 

In my time out of the saddle this year, apart making some changes in how I work going forward to allow me time to get my Podcast underway, I realised: I haven't learnt a new skill for some time (I'm still learning the ukulele and that is definitely 'work in progress'), I haven't planned my next adrenalin, fun-filled challenge on my bucket list (in 2018, thanks to my son, I drove a Ferrari around Silverstone and in 2017 rode in a 4 man bob down an Olympic bobsleigh run for charity) and finally we haven't planned what our 'big' bi-yearly holiday is going to be and when! 
  • Thinking of a new skill - one thing I realised I've become very interested in is 'up-cycling' or 'renovating' old furniture as a result of watching the BBC2 programme 'The Repair Shop' and that eventually led me to follow Jay Blades on social media who has sparked my interest even more.  As a result last summer I gave 2 pieces of our old furniture a new look and really enjoyed the process but want to learn more. Now I've researched day courses and found a couple I want to do. 
  • My bucket list challenge will be doing Velocity 2 in Snowdonia, the longest zip wire over the old quarries and staying in the village of Portmeirion. Yay, can't wait! 
  • Agreed that our holiday will be later this year and we will do the grand music tour of Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans! 
Now it's time to get back in the saddle and continue on my own merry little way on this journey called life. Here's to 2019 and beyond! 

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