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Episode 24 - Gill talks to poet Irina Childs and discovers how she finally followed her passion. 

Irina grew up in Romania with a mixture of logical and creative thinkers surrounding her. Writing poetry was the one constant through her life - from childhood to a career in the corporate world. A chance meeting lead her to publish her first poetry book and eventually take the decision to follow her passions as an author, leader and educator.  https://www.irinaechilds.com/

Sophie Black_Elly Lucas

Episode 23 - Gill finds out from Sophie Black what inspired her to become a film maker and director. 


Sophie Black grew up in a small town in Derbyshire but that didn't stop her from wanting to become a film maker and director. Gill finds out what inspired Sophie at a young age to want to make films and how she is now, not only building a film career, but helping to forge a film industry outside of London.  Gill also asks Sophie about the challenges she has faced being female. https://www.triskellepictures.co.uk/ 

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Episode 22 - Gill chats to Helen Perry about what she did to 'unstick' her career to find a new one on Instagram. 

Helen's a former journalist who was searching for 'what next' after a career break. She discovered the answer was staring her in the face, creating social media content. It brings together all the things she loves, writing, taking photos, videos and ultimately starting a conversation. She now helps others to grow an 'engaged' online community that supports them and their business. https://www.notabout-thekids.com/ 


Episode 21 - Gill finds out what lead Joel Gage to start his own charity. 

How many people go on holiday to a Greek island and are so moved by what they see they feel they have to do something? Gill chats to Joel who did go on holiday to a small Greek island back in 2015 and witnessed first hand the plight of not only the refugees arriving but also that of the people who lived on the island. The result of that holiday ended up with the charity asnteamuk.org being created. 

Back door shoes

Episode 20 - but episode 8 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

In the final episode of her mini series Gill talks to Stephen Avery from Backdoorshoes. She finds out  where the idea came from to make the shoes and how they have grown the business organically over the years. This year has presented it's own challenges of dealing with the changes Covid19 has brought to events being cancelled. As a family business Stephen is passionate about building and maintaining that personal feel with their customers.


Episode 19 - but episode 7 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

Gill talks to amateur fruit and veg grower Joe Harrison about what lead him to take on an allotment. Joe talks about his memories as a child and how he is hoping to make similar memories for his 3 young children that will give them a love of growing their own when they are older. He's not only into growing his own food but into recycling as much as he can from his home. Nothing gets thrown away without thinking how it could be used on his allotment - from an old wooden spoon to food containers.


Episode 18 - but episode 6 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

Gill chats to Rich Pennock from Haws Watering Cans, a family business who care about the work they do as a company to minimise their impact on the environment. Gill finds out about how they make their watering cans and also all the things you need to consider before buying one. Rich talks about Haws involvement with the charity 'Treesisters' and being members of 1% for the planet. Follow on socisl media @hawswateringcans


Episode 17 - but episode 5 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

Gardens are full of plants and flowers as well as fruit and veg. In this episode Gill talks to Amanda Haines a horticulturist, who used to be an adult edcuation teacher for students with a mental disability. Amanda shares her story about the changes and benefits she witnessed in her students from gardening as well as how she went about redesigning her current 'beach' garden, which was only shingle when she moved in.

Half Brite spade_Greenmans

Episode 16 - but episode 4 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

Ever thought about the amount of attention to detail and work that goes into making the perfect garden tool? Gill finds out by talking to Adam Greenman whose passion for designing and making 'just the right tool' started when he found his grand father's old garden tools in the shed. The enthusiasm for what Adam does and his ongoing desire to help gardeners both young and old is clear as he talks about it.  Follow on Instagram @greenmangardentools or  https://greenmangardentools.com/


Episode 15 - but episode 3 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series.

In this episode Gill chats to two experienced 'grow your own' gardeners. Martina Holgersson, who describes herself as nearly self sufficient on the veg and berries she grows for her family and Kim Hedges who has a number of raised beds in her garden. Gill finds out what sparked their interest originally in gardening and what benefits they each get from being out in the garden and growing their own food and flowers. You can find both Martina and Kim on Instagram: @simplygrowfood and @kimbearly28growveg


Episode 14 - but episode 2 of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series. 

Gill talks to amateur beekeeper Graham Jones about how he came to keep bees at the end of his garden. She learns about the importance of the bee 'waggle dance' and the Queen bee. She discovers bees have different roles to perform according to whether they are a male (drone) or female (worker) bee. Gill also finds out how gardeners, by thinking about what they plant, can help the bees from early on in the year to extending their feeding season. 


Episode 13 - is the start of Gill's gardening 'Grow your Own' mini series. 

In this first episode Gill tells the story behind the redesign of their garden last year to start growing their own fruit and vegetables again and where her love of gardening started. She chats to Rachel Mayor a 'newbie' allotment grower about how 'covid lockdown' helped her and her husband fall in love with their previously ignored allotment. Gill also takes a look at the research and benefits to being out in nature and growing your own. To follow Rachel's growing journey she can be found on Instagram @rach_mayor


Episode 12 - Gill chats to musician and songwriter Clive Harvey, who also happens to be her husband! 

Interviewing your husband can be tricky, but in this episode Gill chats to Clive all about his songwriting and how he changed careers to become a full time musician. She finally discovers how his brain works and where he gets those random ideas from to write his comedy songs as well as his more serious ones.  Clive chats about the different bands and types of music he has been invovled in as well as his love of 'rock 'n roll'. Find Clive on Instagram @cmharvey5625

The Corset  Chair (Back #1) - Sarah Louise Dix

Episode 11 - Gill talks to Sarah Dix, upholsterer and creator of the corset chair. 

Sarah tells her story of how she went from studying fashion to working in the music industry, doing PR for the likes of Vivienne Westwood, working at the BBC to finally running her own business combining her two passions - fashion and upholstery. Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahlouisedixupholsterycentre


Episode 10 - Gill chats to her good friend, talented artist and musician Derek Pearce. 

As a follow up to the previous podcast with Elsa, Gill chats to Derek about where he gets his ideas from, Einstein, how dyslexia saved his life, the education system and the positives to having a 'butterfly brain'  amongst other things! Follow Derek on Instagram @derek_pearce_original 


Episode 9 - Gill discusses with fellow coach Elsa Dale if today's education system fit for purpose. 

Gill chats to Elsa Dale, ex-teacher and now coach, on the suitability of the current school and education system for world today versus alternative schooling. The podcast was prompted by an article Gill had read in the British Psychology magazine. Having shared it with others it had brought many comments from parents whose children struggled to fit the traditional way of teaching. Elsa's website is currently being revamped to contact her email: elsa.dale@hotmail.com



Episode 8 - Gill catches up with Neil Mundell-Phipps about what led him to leave corporate life to set up his own learning and development company. 

Gill discovers what led Neil to leave corporate life to start his own training and consultancy business Improview Ltd. His approach to working with companies worldwide and the importance of evolving. They touch on the possible impact that the current Corona virus situation will have on companies and employees both in the short, as they return to normal working and long term. 


Episode 7 - Gill talks to Helen Golstein about her different approach to helping 'chronic dieters' compassionately. 

Helen has taken a very different approach to helping people who have dieted all their life. She looks behind the standard 'diet club' mentality and the vicious circle dieters find themselves. In learning to have compassion for ourselves and nourish ourselves with kindness the need to emotionally eat is reduced. Follow Helen on Instagram @the_self_compassion_coach_ or contact her via her websitehttp://selfcompassioncoaching.co.uk/


Episode 6 - Gill is joined by her good friend and co-coach Janey Holliday to chat about Covid-19.

Gill and Janey talk openly about what they are seeing from both a personal and professional view-point in terms of the very different impact Covid-19 is having on people. Janey is a single Mum of 3 children and runs her own online business working with women. She shares what she has done to ride the 'emotional waves' of dealing with the situation so far.   




Episode 5 - Gill chats with Claire Melvin about what she's learnt about making plans that don't quite work out. 

Like many people Claire had some plans for herself and her future, some might call them goals or visions to work towards. Gill finds out what happened when Claire's plans didn't actually work out for many reasons. What did Claire learn from the experience and does she still plan for the future? Follow Claire on Instagram @clairermelvin


Episode 4 - Gill chats with Frank Sinclair (FitwithFrank) about Fitness Trackers. 

Gill is joined by her friend Frank Sinclair who runs an online fitness bootcamp FitwithFrank to discuss the pros and cons of people wearing Fitness Trackers. Have fitness trackers taken over from the obsession of getting on and off the scales but are in danger of having the same negative impact on how we feel?  Follow Frank on social media it's simply FitwithFrank on all platforms. 


Episode 3 - Gill talks to Grainne Sherry a Mum of 2 boys with Special Educational Needs

Gill talks to Grainne about what life has been like since she discovered her first son had Special Educational Needs and then her second son was also diagnosed but with different SEN needs. Grainne shares her experiences, as well as give some practical tips, of how she went about getting the help she needed and how she coped personally. Grainne has started to to write a book to help other parents navigate their way through if their child has SEN. Follow Grainne on Instgram @sen_doula 


Episode 2 - Gill chats to Zoe Lane about going from healthy to coping with 'Mavis the Mass' and 'Sydney the Stoma'.

Zoe is a young nurse who whilst on holiday discovers she has a problem going to the toilet. After returning home she learns that she has a large mass near her bowel and needs a big operation. She is told she will have a permanent stoma. She is very honest about the highs and lows of dealing with it, particularly as a young single woman. Having got used to the idea there is another 'plot twist' to come!


Episode 1 - Gill chats to Honor Marks about running a gite business in France. 

Gill finds out what made Honor (in the photo) leave a corporate job in London to move to France and set up gites business - Maison de la Roche.com. From cleaning showers to exploring the local area Honor lets us into the highs and lows of an english woman with 'schoolgirl french', a teenage daughter and Bob the 'ambassadog' running a business in France. Honor's Instagram @maisondelaroche Website: maisondelaroche.com 

GillHB pod

Episode 000 - An introduction to GHB & Friends

Gill explains what you can expect when listening to her podcasts and her reason for starting them.